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A world brought to the brink of ruin, yet still somehow holding onto life. Several of its settlements remain largely intact (if a little overcrowded) after the calamity, including two cities and multiple townships. The land is populated by a number of different races, some created by the gods, others through bizarre and magical means.

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The scions of the Three Dragons who sided with the gods. Large, scaley, and capable of breathing fire. Includes Saurians.

Notable for being so attuned with nature, the elves are all capable of using magic. It’s quite rare to see one who’s trained as anything other than a mage, in fact. Their numbers have been in a decline as of late, however.

Closely allied with the dwarves, humans are one of Illumius’ most populous races. As they and the dwarves controlled most of the remaining territory, they have largely assumed leadership over the remnants of the land.

Though stouter and longer lived than their ‘cousins’, dwarves work closely with humans in most matters. Their exemplary metalwork has become quite valuable in recent times, as owning good armor and a sharp blade become more and more important.

Tall, green, and beefy, orcs aren’t exactly the friendliest of creatures. That said, they’ve overlooked their bloody history with the Hume Empire, siding with them in order to help preserve the future of the very world.

Though they may not look pretty, goblins are plenty clever. Most of the Legion’s technological advances are thanks to their handiwork. What with the lack of normally common resources, goblin ingenuity has quickly become an important part of outlaying townships.

Though they did a good job of staying out of Illumius’ political situation prior to the Calamity, the halflings aren’t able to simply hide away from the rest of the world anymore. Forced out among the other races, many have had trouble adapting to larger settlements, and those that have adapted aren’t always on the right side of the law…

These inorganic constructs have long been a source of cheap labor across the world, but in recent years something strange has been happening. Unborn are gaining sentience and free will, seemingly at random, and have begun to protest their position as slaves. Includes Rootwalkers.






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