The divine beings who first stepped forth from the chaos of the Void, creating form and thought in the process. Their very existence enraged the Void, leading to the Divine Rebellion. After slaying the World Dragon, the gods turned its corpse into Illumius’ foundation, and created the creatures that would inhabit it.


Commonly recognized as the oldest of the gods, Ranorum is the patron deity of the elven race and the god of Knowledge, Magic, and Nature. Created the race of elves once the world was formed, the first mortal race to be created by the gods. The deity is depicted as female or genderless, and is normally given a beautiful androgynous form with elven features. Though Elliasi and Markath both tried to surpass her with their races, Ranorum always tried to keep the peace, although the same couldn’t always be said for her children. They like being alive, after all.
Paths: Good, Knowledge, Magic, Order
Opposed by Void.


Goddess of humans and dwarves, and the deity of Industry, Cities, and Law. One of the gods most concerned with the mortal world, Elliasi is usually depicted as a human or dwarven female, wearing a dress of cloth and metal. She is in near constant conflict with her twin brother, and their fights led to great tragedies for the mortal races. Created her races in two failed attempts to emulate the elves, with dwarves having longer life spans but humans being aesthetically closer. Sees Ranorum as her main rival, even if Markath is the constant thorn in her side, and her races feel largely the same way.
Paths: Beauty, Deceit, Heroism, Protection
Opposed by Markath and Void.


God of orcs and goblins, Hunting and Survival. A ferocious god whose passion is only matched by his wildness, Markath is the yang to Elliasi’s yin. Though they fashion themselves as twins, due to the nature of their bond, the two gods are in constant conflict with one another, and more often than not their respective creations take part in their battles. Created goblins and orcs solely to mock his sister’s races, though he did end up caring about some of the ugly guys.
Paths: Beasts, Darkness, Destruction, Strength
Opposed by Elliasi and Void.


God of Metal and War. Represented as an enormous one-armed man or orc with a massive greatsword held in his right hand. During the war for creation, he was the one who slew the Great Dragon. He did so by forging his iron bones into the first sword, sacrificing his left arm in the process, and impaling the beast. The blow scattered countless deposits of metal throughout the dragon’s body, leading to its death and helping to stabilize its body as the new world.
Paths: Fire, Metal, War
Opposed by Dragons and Void.


God of Life and Peace. A pacifistic deity who did not partake in the conflict between gods and dragons. Though reviled at times for his non-violent tendencies, Cylios is one of the world’s most important gods. During his attempts to peaceful end the fighting, he awakened three of the great Dragons to sentience, unintentionally turning them against their former allies. When the great war ended, he was the one who seeded the new world with life, giving the dragon’s corpse the ability to sustain mortals and plants. Depicted as a young being, normally male. He is held as holy by the drakes, who depict him as a humanoid covered in dragon scales. He also created the halflings, though unintentionally.
Paths: Earth, Life, Protection, Wilderness
Opposed by Void.


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