Created by Ranorum once the gods made the world habitable, elves were the first humanoid race to inhabit Illumius. Following their patron’s lead, they are a tranquil race, naturally at peace with themselves and nature as a whole. Like the drakes, each elf is capable of using magic, and in modern times, there is not a single elf who is not some form of mage.

When accosted by drakes, particularly those of the Flareclaw clan, elves began to use tools and weapons in conjunction with their magic, to help make up for what they lacked in physical might. Though they never reached the industrial levels that the humans and dwarves would eventually achieve, the fair folk did create civilization on par with Bronze-age levels, forming small villages to better protect themselves and make life easier, though they never lost their connection with nature. They eventually managed to enter into a mutual understanding with the drakes: Neither of them were going to be going anytime soon, so there wasn’t much point in large-scale warfare. While the drakes’ idea of culture involved forcibly changing the landscape to suit their needs, the elves took a less violent approach, adapting to the world’s natural shape as they needed to.

When the humans, dwarves, orcs, and goblins rose, the elves at first tried to peaceably interact with the younger races, but failed, due in large part to the inherent rivalry between their patron deities. Rebuffed and attacked, the elves eventually decided to simply fortify their borders, attacking any who would dare intrude upon their territory, excluding Earthenclad and the occasional scholar/diplomat.

When the Council initially formed, the elves gladly accepted the chance for peace, once they were sure the offer was genuine.


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