The first mortal inhabitants of Illumius, drakes are the scions of the Great Three Dragons, and the lesser kin of modern dragons. Though they don’t possess the sheer physical and mystical power of their larger brethren, drakes are still quite prodigious creatures. In addition to their size and strength, each drake is more than capable of using magic. Long-lived and widely talented, only the drakes’ small numbers (rarely more than a few thousand) kept them from becoming the dominant race.

While the three clans each have their own cultures, common elements are shared among them. Drakes are very individualistic, and their society places great emphasis upon personal achievements. Excluding the holy families, lineage means little to a drake. It does not matter who your ancestors were if you yourself are incompetent. Very few drakes have taken the time to learn how to use tools, instead preferring to rely upon their magic and brute strength. Most of their great structures are the product of magical engineering. Art, song, and philosophy are valued parts of their culture, with great scholars being as highly praised as great mages.

When it comes to hierarchy, drakes typically derive their “nobility” from how closely related they are to one of the Three Dragons’ first born, regardless of gender. The head of the clan is the first born of the first born of the first born, etc. Beyond that, it rarely matters how closely a branch family is related to the current head; if they are not the head themselves, then any authority they hold is likely based on their personal accomplishments. Only the clan head possesses authority by birthright alone, and they have used their power extremely rarely.

There are three drake clans, one for each of the Three Dragons:
The Silverwings, notable for their isolationist tendencies. Typically have blue or purple scales.
The Earthenscales, who freely interact and mingle with other races. The Saurian are an offshoot, mixed with humanoids by magic. Green and gold scales.
The Flareclaws, once driven by the belief that all other mortals deserved to be exterminated. Now all but extinct, after refusing to ally with the other races during the Calamity. Red and orange.

The drakes were the last to join the Magic Council, and exert the least amount of influence. The Flareclaws never had a representative, however.


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