For the most part, true Dragons are creatures of chaos, denizens of the Void that exist only to destroy the physical world and return all to swirling nothingness. However, there are a few who have proven instrumental to Illumius.

The Three Dragons:

Three creatures of chaos, who gained sentience and magic when they tried (and failed) to kill Cylios. Their new instincts to create overwhelmed their previous tendencies, and they joined with the gods to fight off their mad brethren. When the war ended, they took up residence in the world, eventually siring the three drake clans, as well as the ancestors of any dragon who stalks Illumius today. Though they played a more active role in the beginning, as the mortal races became more and more widespread, the Three simply disappeared, perhaps slumbering, perhaps slain.
Paths: Air (Silverwings), Earth (Earthenscales), Fire (Flareclaws)
Opposed by Rahdes and Void.

The World Dragon:


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