The Philosopher Wyrm

Basic Stats
Class: Martial Artist 5 Species: Drake Specialty: Fist Experience: 5000
Vitality: 90 Wounds: 33 Defense: 19 DR: 3
BAB: 5 Initiative: 9 Speed: 40ft Action Dice: 3d4
STR 10 +0 Fortitude +9
DEX 10 +0 Reflex +5
CON 22 +6 Will +5
INT 14 +2 Unarmed +12
WIS 14 +2 Melee +5
CHA 12 +1 Ranged +5

Skill Key Attribute Skill Bonus (Rank + Mod) Threat/Error Class Skill Focuses
Acrobatics Dex 7 = 7 + 0 1 / 20 yes
Athletics Str 7 = 7 + 0 1 / 20 yes
Resolve Con 13 = 7 + 6 1 / 20 yes
Impress Cha 9 = 7 + 2 1 / 20 yes
Investigate Int 7 = 5 + 2 1 / 20 origin
Sense Motive Wis 9 = 7 + 2 1 / 20 yes
Notice Wis 9 = 7 + 2 1 / 20 yes
Search Int 9 = 7 + 2 1 / 20 origin
Sneak Dex 0 = 0 + 0 1 / 19-20 yes
Interests Total Studies: 7
Languages Studies
Common Draconic
History of the Calamity
Alignment: Cylios
History: Great Scholars
Class Abilities
Large Size Species. 3×2 square footprint, -1 to Defense, +1 to melee reach, 1.5x wounds.
Breath Weapon Species. Breathe fire in a 20ft line as a full action, dealing 2d6+Con mod damage. DC 10+Con mod+Species Feats reflex for half.
Cold-Blooded Species. You require only 1 common meal per day but suffer 1 additional damage per die from cold and are sickened for a number of rounds equal to 1/2 any cold damage taken(rounded down). If you suffer continuous cold damage — such as from the environment — you are sickened until you escape the source of the damage.
Inquisitive Mind Species. Gain 2 additional Interests.
Winged Flight Species. Gain 40ft Fly speed.
Bonus Feat Specialty. Gain Two-Hit Combo as a bonus feat.
Attribute Training Specialty. The lower of Str or Con increases by 1.
Fast Specialty. Your Speed increases by 10 ft.
Practiced Acrobatics Specialty. If you spend an action die to boost an Acrobatics check and it still fails, you gain the die back after the action is resolved. Against multiple targets you only regain the die if the check fails against all of them.
Unyielding Martial Artist.You can withstand massive physical punishment. You may spend up to 3 action dice when you Refresh, gaining 2 wounds per action die spent and an amount of vitality equal to the sum of the action dice results. You may also Refresh
when you’re unconscious or dying.
Martial Arts Martial Artist. Gain Martial Arts as a bonus feat.
Life of Discipline: Mind Martial Artist. Raise the lower of Int or Dex by 1, and gain a +1 Insight bonus to Reflex saves. In addition, once per scene, you may shrug off one grade of fatigue by spending an action dice.
Way of the Warrior Martial Artist. Your life of rigorous training has granted you keen combat insight. At Levels 3, 5, 7, 9, 11, 13, 15, 17, and 19, you gain 1 additional Melee Combat or Unarmed Combat feat, or two additional proficiencies.
Improved Reach 1 Martial Artist. At Level 4, raise the reach of all melee and unarmed attacks by 1.

Martial Arts Pick an attribute. This attribute now acts as the primary modifier for unarmed attack rolls and for calculating defense in place of Str and Dex, respectively. In addition, add +2 damage and increase the threat range by 1 of all unarmed attacks.
Master’s Art The attribute chosen by Martial Arts now also acts as the primary stat for unarmed damage and initiative checks. Increase the damage by another two(total +4) and the threat range by another one(total +2) for all unarmed attacks.
Two-Hit Combo Take a -2 to all attack rolls and skill checks for the round. You may take two unarmed attacks as part of the same half action this turn.
Rage Basics You gain a +2 bonus to Intimidate checks. Also, gain a stance that grants +3 to Str and Con for its duration. You may not make skill checks for its duration and dropping out of it incurs a level of fatigue.
Rage Mastery Increase the benefits provided by the Rage stance to +5, and permit the use of Intimidate while in the Rage stance.
Rage Supremacy You may now use any skill while in the Rage stance and can ignore the fatigue penalty if you spend a half-action to drop or change the stance.

Proficiencies, Stances, and Combat Tricks
Unarmed forte Blunt none
Edged none Hurled none
Bows none Black Powder none
Siege Weapons none
Rage Stance Gain +5 to Str and Con.
Combat Tricks
Mix-Up (Disarm Maneuver Trick): Gain a +3 bonus to the listed maneuvers if they have not been successfully attempted in the last 3 turns.
Decisive Blow(Unarmed Attack Trick): The character gains a bonus to damage equal to the defender’s Dodge bonus to Defense. You may use this trick once for every Unarmed Feat they possess(min. 1).
Shove (Unarmed Attack Trick): You may move the victim one square in a direction you choose on a hit. You may use this trick once for every Unarmed Feat they possess(min. 1).
Crushing Force (Unarmed Attack Trick): If this attack would be Parried, Blocked, or Shield Blocked, it instead deals 1/2 damage(rounding down).
Possessions and Lifestyle
Panache: 0 Coin in Hand Prudence: 2 Stake
Income: 0s 20s Saved 30% 5s
Reputation and Renown
Reputation: 5 Legend: 1
Heroic Renown: 1 Title: Wandering Philosopher
Military Renown: 0 Title: None
Noble Renown: 0 Title: None

Gear Description Weight Cost
Satchel +2 Str for carrying capacity 5 lbs 5s
Scribe’s Kit Crafting (Inscription) 2 lbs 20s
Silk Rope 50 ft. long; max load 750 lbs.; escape DC 25 5 lbs 20s
Common Meal (12 uses) Feeds a Drake for 1 day 2 lbs 30s
Tea (3 uses) Decreases Fatigued condition by 1 grade, grants +1 food bonus to Reflex saves 2 lbs 30s
Spice (3 uses) 1d10+10 damage, threat range 18-20 No weight 30s
Bite (Unarmed Natural Attack) DR 3, Fire Resistance 4, DP 0, ACP 0, Disguise -2, Speed -0 20 lbs Always Armed Leather Armor (Fitted, reinforced, lightweight) DR 3, Fire Resistance 4, DP 0, ACP 0, Disguise -2, Speed -0 20 lbs 300s

I remember the world as it used to be.

I remember hatching from my clutch. It was a mountain nest to the world’s far south, overlooking a majestic valley, cradled between two verdant forests.

I remember the first day I took flight, and saw the majesty and wonder life had to offer. The wind in my wings and scales, carrying the words and hopes of all the many peoples below.

I remember a simpler time.

I remember, too, the day the Calamity came.

Tenzin breaks eye contact, his look pensive. He gives a shudder you assume to be a sigh after a moment, then continues.

Forgive me. That was a dark day. Ask any elf, dwarf, or drake, and they’ll tell you the same. We’ve all lost so much, in so many ways. It has a habit of catching up at the strangest moments.

Tell me, young one. Do you know the meaning of my name?

No? I’m not surprised. It’s an old word – to be honest, I don’t quite recall how I learned it myself.

Tenzin – draconic for ‘he who refuses.’ Not a word my kind uses often, given our predilection for hoarding. But I found it… appropriate, would be the word.

Confused? I suppose my brethren aren’t well known for explaining their customs. We drakes are not born with our names, as you are – we choose them. Our names are meant to be reflective of our deepest selves – it’s not uncommon for drakes to live nigh on a thousand years without choosing one. For four hundred years, I wandered without one. Until… that day.

Now, where was I?

Ah, yes. The Calamity. The day the end came.

I see confusion in your eyes. ‘The end has passed? How? The barrier still holds.’

Tenzin shakes his head, a grim look passing his rugged, scarred visage.

Make no mistake, young one. The world as I knew it ended the day the Calamity came. If anything, that damnable barrier only prolongs the process.

The suffering and destruction that day brought… I remember that, too. It never really ended, in a way.

And that brings me back to my name. Tenzin. ‘He who refuses.’

If this name, as I claim, reflects who I truly am, what do I refuse?

I refuse violence and the suffering it heralds. There has been so much death and blood, how could I justify more?

I refuse wealth, and the corruption it brings. What good will trinkets and adulation do me when the Void closes in on us all?

I refuse status, and the complacency it breeds. How can I call myself a hero, if I cannot even protect those I call my charges?

I refuse to simply roll over and die.

I refuse to accept the Council’s barrier as a solution. I refuse to stand idly by and let the Void swallow us whole while we bicker over mere scraps. I refuse to believe the world cannot be made whole, cannot be born anew.

And above all else? I refuse to let this be the end.


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